What is wrong with online wills?

What is wrong with online wills?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Estate Planning

Do you remember the days when you needed to go to the store if you wanted groceries, or to the mall if you wanted clothes? Now, if you prefer, you can do all these things online.

Estate planning is similar. A quick browser search will bring up a host of companies promising to take care of your needs via an online will for a low price. To understand why that might not be a good idea, let’s go back to online shopping.

You order a pair of jeans, and when they are delivered to your door, you discover they don’t fit or are not quite what you thought. That is OK because you can send them back. If you use an online will service, you may never realize the will you created does not serve your purpose. Who will notice is your family when you pass away. By then, it will be too late to make changes.

A will is just one part of estate planning

While online clothes shopping brings you more choice than any store can offer, the same is not true for online estate planning. Think of a will like a pair of jeans. Some people will be happy with just a pair of jeans. Yet, others want a range of clothing, such as dresses and trouser suits to cover all their needs.

You may get away with a will being the only item in your estate plan, yet there are many more options available, each with specific purposes. For example, maybe you could use one of the several varieties of trust. Or perhaps you could benefit from a healthcare directive.

A will does not cover everything. To create the best plan for you and your family, you need to understand the full range of estate planning options available. Only then can you make the right choice.

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