This is how an elder law attorney can help with long-term planning

This is how an elder law attorney can help with long-term planning

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If you or a family member is entering the final years of life, you may find that your priorities begin to shift. Many Westlake Village, California, residents often start thinking of ways to preserve their health and prolong their lives. They may also worry about the assets and property they have accrued over the years — and how to best transfer that wealth to the next generation.

If you have not already done so, it is time to start considering strategies for long-term care planning. We feel all California residents should know that elder law attorneys fill a critical role in these endeavors.

How can an elder law firm help?

Long-term care costs a lot of money and can wipe out your life savings quickly. The experience a legal professional offers ensures that you find the best and most affordable solutions for yourself or your elders. Some of the ways attorneys accomplish this goal includes the following:

  • Guidance when putting your long-term elder care plan in place
  • Exploring long-term care insurance options with your family
  • Recommending strategies unique to your family’s needs
  • Eligibility planning for the possibility of long-term placement in nursing facilities
  • Ensuring you get full access to Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits
  • Guidance in researching nursing homes or assisted living facilities
  • Helping you continue to preserve your family assets
  • Assistance in appealing a denial of Medicare or Medi-Cal benefits
  • Protecting you or your elders from financial abuse or exploitation

Whether you are relatively young or already approaching your senior years, long-term care planning is essential to your health and enjoyment of life. We urge you to continue reviewing our website and blog content to learn more about your options.

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