Do I need to hire a probate attorney?

Do I need to hire a probate attorney?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Estate Planning

Have you ever bought a piece of flatpack furniture? The instructions look relatively simple, yet, nine hours later, you are on your knees in your Westlake Village home in a pile of parts that you cannot fit together. What’s worse, you argued with your wife when she tried to help, and thanks to your kids, there is now a meme of you shouting obscenities at a packet of screws circulating on the internet.0

Sometimes, even though you know you should be able to do something on your own, it is better to pay for professional help. Probating a will is one of those occasions. Here are some of the advantages an attorney can bring:

  • Reduce stress: A probate attorney has been through the process many times before. When you are grieving a loved one, and busy trying to deal with the aftermath of their death, you are unlikely to have the zen-like calm needed to deal with legal paperwork. If ever there was a time to let someone take the load off your shoulders, this is it.
  • Speed up the process: As with the piece of flatpack furniture, knowing the correct order to do things and understanding how all the pieces fit together makes things much quicker.
  • Show impartiality: There is a lot at stake in probate and often many interested parties. Using an impartial legal professional reduces the chance that someone accuses you of foul play.
  • Reduce the risk of errors: Think about the last time you attempted a complicated task for the first time. Like most people, you probably made some mistakes. Errors, when probating a will, can prove costly.
  • Let someone else hand creditors: If the deceased owed money, the creditors are likely to ring for it. An attorney can take their calls instead of you.

If you need to probate a Westlake Village estate, there is professional help available.

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