Some falls are normal, but repeated falls are not

Some falls are normal, but repeated falls are not

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Your mother has been struggling with declining health for several years, and it was hard to make the decision to place her into a nursing home. You wanted to make sure she’d get the right care every day, and you knew you weren’t equipped to provide it to her at home.

The first time you received a phone call that she had fallen, you thought that it was normal. She was a new patient without a fall risk at that time, so no one could have predicted it.

The second time the facility called, you imagined that your mother was just being headstrong. You reiterated that she needed to wait for help when she wanted to get up.

The third time you got a call, you were livid. How did they let this happen? They knew she was at risk of falling, but they hadn’t prevented a fall. When you spoke with your mother, she said she had waited for as long as she could for a nurse to come help her, but no one came. She decided to get up on her own, and that led to her fall.

A lack of supervision and care in a nursing home can lead to injuries or worse. In this case, you’ve tried hard to provide for your mother, but a lack of supervision, poor response times and general neglect led to her falling more than once. You’re angry about it, and you want to know that the facility will be held liable.

One of the first things you should do is to talk to the nursing home’s director. Then, you may want to discuss the situation with your attorney, so you can seek fair compensation for the medical care your mother needs due to the fall.

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