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Life-Care Planning

Life-care planning caters to the needs of the elderly and people with physical or mental disabilities. Panitz & Kossoff, LLP, assists with the legal, financial, and care-related challenges which elders and those with disabilities face. The life-care plan connects your concerns about conserving your health and finding the best long-term care for your particular circumstances with our firm's knowledge and expertise. Our focus is to maximize your quality of life and independence while preserving your assets from the high costs of care.

Each client is unique. Some clients and their families are in crisis due to unexpected medical emergencies, requiring hospitalization and/or long-term care. Others are succumbing to Alzheimer's disease or other debilitating diseases and must plan for their long-term care and potential incapacity. Still, other clients are planning in advance for their twilight years and need guidance and information. Panitz & Kossoff, LLP, is committed to helping all of our life-care planning clients understand the maze of the health care and long-term care systems, and we advocate for the best possible care during all stages of this journey. We custom design a life-care plan with your individual and family needs in mind to meet your long-term care needs and goals taking into account both your financial resources and your personal preferences. In every case, we help our clients live the life they desire for as long as possible.

Our in-house Elder Care Coordinator is an integral part of the life-care planning process. Our Elder Care Coordinator has the expertise to assess the health care needs of our clients, and she possesses the knowledge of all available resources, services, and health care options in target communities. Our Elder Care Coordinator will also coordinate the client's health care services and will advocate on behalf of our clients and their families, whether they remain at home or receive care at a private facility or a skilled nursing home.

A life-care plan is a guide created for our clients to enable them to navigate the many options available to meet their long-term care goals and needs. Panitz & Kossoff, LLP, assesses our clients' current and future health care needs and their financial resources, then obtains the care recommendations of our Elder Care Coordinator. Our firm then estimates the costs of care and details for our clients the process required to meet those needs while protecting our clients' assets to the greatest extent possible using estate planning tools, private payment, community resources, and available government benefits to pay for long-term care, such as Medi-Cal, if appropriate; medication management and respite relief for the well spouse is also part of our clients' life-care planning.

First, we help you identify where you would like to live out your life, taking into account the state of your physical and mental health and any prognosis for your future years. Often, your home may be your first choice, or you may wish to live with family, in an independent or assisted-living community, or a private care home. Our Elder Care Coordinator is indispensable in guiding you in this decision, knowing the available options in the area you wish to reside.

Second, we help you determine your immediate and long-term care needs at your chosen residence, such as help with meal preparation and housekeeping, bathing, dressing, medication management, transportation to doctors' appointments, and any other assistance unique to your living situation.

Third, we evaluate available private and community resources, and governmental needs based aid if applicable, and craft a plan to help you pay for the place where you wish to live with the quality of care you require.

Fourth, depending on the duration of our engagement, our Elder Care Coordinator can provide periodic coordination of your health care needs, monitoring, and oversight, and will guide and support you and your family in handling any care changes which may arise.

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